It’s been a while…

So I haven’t been here in ages. I don’t even know where to start. The fact I’m typing on here is an achievement in itself as I’ve been saying for ages that I’ll be back to blogging soon.


Anyway the purpose of this blog still holds true I want people to be creative through whichever medium they choose and not hold back. I’m also using this blog as a space to discuss life lessons, express my emotions and share my thoughts and musings.

The latter seems to have occupied the majority of my time at the tender age of 24 when a lot of people are married, having babies and progressing through their chosen career pathway.

I’m currently slowly but surely progressing through my chosen career path.

At current I’m focusing on the joys of self-discovery and living life.

I’m currently freelancing whilst trying to break into the creative industry (Social Media/Advertising/Marketing/PR) and getting that job at an agency. Hoping, praying and crossing all my toes and fingers that this happens soon.

Self discovery has been a blessing and a curse. I laughed, I’ve been left alone with my thoughts over thinking and being in a moody and depressive state (it’s really not a good look), I’ve endured heartbreak, I’ve been constantly reminded that I’m good at what I do and that my break will come and I’ve also learnt to let go (apparently everything happens for a reason.) On the fitness front I have started back at Frame loving Frame Method, I started yoga with Leah Kim in feb and never looked back and in may I  joined a gym and I now attend Train 2 Run at Regents Park (Working on my fitness is a must) .

Also on the fitness front I’ve started RUNNING (I can’t believe it either) I’ve always been against running and never understood why you’d choose to go running voluntarily. I started Couch to 5k with a very good friend of mine, it’s a 9 week programme which gets from a “couch potato” to a comfortable 30 min run/jog (no stopping) I’ve completed it and I also started attending Train 2 Run in Regents park. In May I completed my first race which was the Nike “We Own The Night” 10 k (I didn’t train for it as it was given to me a week beforehand so I walk/ran). Once the Couch To 5k programme was completed I did the Gloanna Yoga Run (which consisted of a 5K, 45 min yoga session and brunch and a glass of prosecco) and my third race was a 5k Race For Life in finsbury park. I’m now planning on doing other races, joining a running club in the hope of running a 10k and maybe a half marathon before 2013 ends.

This self-discovery path is an on going journey and for now I’m just focussing on my personal and professional development and being fitter and stronger. I’ll keep you updated on how this plans out (Expect fitness and yoga quotes, videos and images alongside personal and fashion type posts).

Vince Kidd!!

I watch #TheVoiceUK and if you follow me on Twitter you’ll know I’m a Vince kidd fan. This is my way to start a monday. #NiceWayToStartTheDay